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Trainings and Workshops in Structural Integration and Rolf-Movement

My belief is in the blood and flesh as being wiser than the intellect. The body-unconscious is where life bubbles up in us. It is how we know we are alive, alive to the depths of our souls and in touch somewhere with the vivid reaches of the cosmos.
— D.H. Lawrence

The Art of Yield …

An Alternative Perspective for Effecting Functional & Structural Change.

Instructor: Hiroyoshi Tahata
with: Carol Agneessens

Part 1 and Part 4 will be offered in Boulder, CO in 2017

Part 1: Breathing and Walking: July 14- 17, 2017
An introduction to the Art of Yield through the Oriental concept of MA (Space/timing) and HARA .
These concepts are introduced and underlie this orientation for sessions 1-3 of the Rolfing series in movement.
Yield is an active coming into relationship and underlies all movement. This module will specifically facilitate the resource of Breath.

Part 2: Embodying the Dynamic Core: TBA
Deepening into perception and practice of working from HARA with attention to the space/timing (MA) of intervention.
Sessions 4-7 of the series will be addressed through the Art of Yield and this orientation.

Part 3: The Integration of Whole-body Coherence: TBA
The integrative sessions 8-10 will be the covered. Cellular motility has been cultivated through part 1 and 2. The wave of whole body coherence will be resourced and experienced. Whole body cellular motility (coherence) forms the ground and depth fundamental to integration.

Part 4: Seeing and Engaging the Fluid Matrix: July 19-22, 2017
This part offers an advanced Rolf-Movement orientation to the Art of Yield.
Learned and often unquestioned cultural patterns shape both movement and thinking. In this module, a novel approach to working with cylinders, joints, space, and diaphragms is introduced based on specific Japanese movement principles.
In addition we will:

  • Cultivate seeing and perceiving the holistic field.
  • Address vectors of impact through a non-linear and perceivable contact.
  • Deepen embodiment of MA and HARA and their function in a therapeutic setting.

Hiroyoshi Tahata is a certified advanced Rolfer® and Rolf Movement Instructor. In 1999, Hiro began exploring the movement of Yield and has cultivated and deepened his understanding of this primal action over the past 17 years. The approach he has developed is transformative and broadens a practitioner’s field of perception and informed touch.
Before taking the Rolfing® training, Hiro worked as a research biochemist for 9 years where he studied megakaryocyte potentiating activity, furthering his knowledge of the cellular matrix and random fluctuation. Hiro instructor and lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Carol A Agneessens, MS.: is a Rolfing and Rolf Movement Instructor. She has been studying Hiro’s approach to movement for many years. As a frequent traveler/instructor in Japan, she is keenly aware of the difference between an eastern and western orientation which informs structure, function and worldview. Bridging these differences with insights from Hiro’s Art of Yield enriches her life and broadens her scope of understanding the intricate way environment, culture, and belief shape movement expression.

Registration: Register through the Rolf Institute.
Tuition: $755.00

For more information, contact Carol Agneesens:

Activating Core: Evoking the Rolf Line Within Each Session

These intensives catalyze and refocus the central theme of Dr. Rolf's recipe toward evoking and activating the core within each session of the ten-series.
Each workshop provides 3 manipulation and 3 movement CEU's.

Part 1: March 15-21 (day off March 18)
Reviewing Dr. Rolf’s recipe: sessions 1-7.
With attention to principles and taxonomies, we will integrate movement approaches with manipulation to achieve the goals of sessions 1-6. As practitioners deepen their own embodiment of core it enables a smoother and more direct transmission
of these somatic-sensorial understandings to the client.

Part 2: May 10-16 (day off May 13) Sessions 7-10.
Reviewing Dr. Rolf’s recipe: sessions 7-10.
These sessions are traditionally the integrative hours within the Rolf series. Working from an integrated experience of core and Rolf Line, participants will discover the natural unfolding of their client’s process within the series.

Although we speak about "the core" and the "Rolf Line", embodiment of these “organizing principles” are often less available to clients and sometimes to practitioners too. Participants will learn and practice specific ways to activate core during the manipulative and movement work of the Rolfing series.

These intensives may be taken separately.
Each fulfills requirements for the Advanced Rolfing Training.
Each workshop provides 3 manipulation and 3 movement CEU's through the Rolf Institute and NCTMB.

Instructor: Carol A Agneessens, MS
Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Tuition: $955.00 / workshop
Registration / Info: Please contact: Carol at

The “Rolf” Line and the Eight Diaphragms …
Manipulation & Movement through Core

“Man is something organized around a line.” — Dr. Ida Rolf

In Rolfing®, the central or biological core is the organizing principle of the body. Through the dynamic interface of verticality and horizontality, structural integration emerges and is sustained. Oftentimes, achieving the length of uprightness takes precedence over the stabilizing dimensions of the horizontal membranes, the diaphragms.

In this 6-day workshop we will:

  • Explore the interface of the Biological Core with the 8 functionally horizontal diaphragms of the body.
  • Learn manipulative approaches for each diaphragm.
  • Weave an understanding of the core-to-diaphragm interface through the basic series of sessions.
  • Design a 3-session series based on “seeing” and “perceiving” patterns held within these horizontal membranes.
  • Move with deepening awareness of the environmental space and breath of connection diaphragms support.
  • Engage a pervading sense of ‘being-ness’, ‘peace’ and ‘wholeness’ as integral expressions of living from your biological core.

Credits: 3 manipulation credits / 3 movement credits.
This is an intermediary workshop designed to prepare a practitioner to enroll in the Advanced Training.

When: December 1-7, 2017 (day off Monday December 4)
Where: Santa Cruz, CA
Tuition: $955.00
Registration / Info: Please contact: Carol at 831-662-3057 or
Please send a $200.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your place in this workshop.
Class size is limited to 10 participants.
You may also register through

Instructor: Carol A Agneessens, MS

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