Holographic TouchTM

Moving Through A Fluid Core

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
— Anaïs Nin

Evoking the ‘Core’ Through Movement

May 1-3, 2019
Boulder, CO
With Carol A. Agneessens, MS.

This 3-day workshop is designed to integrate core embodiment within Rolfing sessions. Sensing the biological core is key for both sustaining changes and integrating the work. Facilitating core awareness can begin with the first session of Rolfing.

In this workshop you will simple and effective interventions to:

  • Gain precision in seeing and tracking functional biases in movement patterns.
  • Engage the diaphragms as horizontal stabilizers.
  • Educate clients in basic transitional movements: lying → sitting → standing → walking.
  • Enrich the scope of “back work” with movement and perceptual input.
  • Cultivate awareness of embryological gestures in movement for continuity and flow.
  • Contact the Cervical Vestibular Ocular Reflex for orientation and grounding.

Tuition: $455.00 (plus $50. DIRI administrative fee) OR register with Carol:

Carol A Agneessens, MS. has been a Rolf Movement practitioner since 1982 and RMI instructor since 1993.

Refund policy according to DIRI.

Embodying the Zen of Hara Within the Field called MA

Upcoming workshop with Hiroyoshi Tahata of Japan.
Rolf-Movement Instructor.
Santa Cruz, CA.
Date: mid-September, 2020.

Hara is located three finger widths below the naval. In Zen meditation your attention is oftentimes placed on the Hara. From acupuncture it is said that Hara is the “source of life”. MA refers to the Japanese sense of space, interval or pause between objects. In the west we may refer to this as the field. Integrating these two aspects into your somatic practice deepens not only the connection to oneself but to the surrounding field.
Hiroyoshi Tahata is a certified advanced Rolfer and Rolf Movement Instructor, living in Tokyo. He has worked as a research biochemist at the Hayashibara Biochemical Laboratories for 9 years before studying the work of Rolfing.

Hiro is renowned for developing, teaching and practicing this subtly powerful work that integrates the deepest levels of self and its relationship to the universe.  In this workshop we will embody the sensation and informational quality of Hara while integrating the relevance of our positioning in the transformational field of MA.

This workshop is open to all somatic practitioners and can be immediately applied to your life and practice.

For more information / registration contact Carol:

Hiroyoshi Tahata working with a small boy in Kooriyama, Japan

Hiroyoshi Tahata working with a small boy in Kooriyama, Japan during one of the workshops he offers for the community near the Fukushima – Sunami devastation.


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